Online Personal Property

Simplify the Return Filing Experience

Customize the page imagery, text, and order of page presentation based on your office’s specific business practices and unique workflow. Online Personal Property offers complete admin control over the filing period deadlines.

Document Filing

Taxpayers can easily submit personal property filings and supporting documents without having to mail the return or drive to the Property Appraiser’s office.

New Business Registration

New Business owners can easily register their information with the jurisdiction.

All taxpayer submitted filings are automatically imported to AssessPro after review and acceptance. Taxpayers are able to log into the portal at any time to review the status of their return.

We’ve developed filing submission interfaces for a variety of jurisdictions, standardizing the portal for Personal Property or Tangible Personal Property.

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Built on a contemporary technology stack, AssessPro offers reliable tools for effective reporting to state governing bodies.

They’re aware of our needs and very responsive, their customer service stands out...

Bob Maurer
CAMA System Administrator, Oklahoma County, OK

Having GIS, sketches, pictures and historical data within each account is very helpful.

Michele Mastrangelo
City Assessor, Methuen, MA

Comprehensive and incredibly stable, AssessPro does everything we need it to.

DeAnn Brosman
Assessor, Appleton, WI