Online Income & Expense

Give Your Taxpayers Flexibility and Efficiency

The Income and Expense Online Filing System provides taxpayers the flexibility to file their annual Income and Expense form online without having to mail in the return or drive to the Assessor’s office.

Online Income and Expense follows the same structure as our other OFS applications, leveraging a series of tabs to proceed through sequentially. The taxpayer files the various Income and Expense information for each account and signs off by electronic signature.

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A simple solution for Income & Expense filing. The I&E questionnaire is stored in a staging table for acceptance by jurisdiction analysts.

Your jurisdiction has complete control over the filing period and approval process, creating a simple solution for the cumbersome Income and Expense filing process.

Built on a contemporary technology stack, AssessPro offers reliable tools for effective reporting to state governing bodies.

They’re aware of our needs and very responsive, their customer service stands out...

Bob Maurer
CAMA System Administrator, Oklahoma County, OK

Having GIS, sketches, pictures and historical data within each account is very helpful.

Michele Mastrangelo
City Assessor, Methuen, MA

Comprehensive and incredibly stable, AssessPro does everything we need it to.

DeAnn Brosman
Assessor, Appleton, WI