Online Filing

Online Filing System – OFS

Our dedicated web development team has designed a suite of OFS applications.

With an efficient and user friendly OFS, jurisdictions can increase adoption of taxpayers filing online and improve the office’s workflow. OFS applications are powered by our powerful API that enables secure interaction with AssessPro data.

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How it works:

  1. 1

    Taxpayers initiate the online filing process directly from the jurisdiction’s website, using a user friendly login.

  2. 2

    Each screen in the OFS modules provides the taxpayer with all the pertinent information to complete their filing, signing off with an electronic signature and receipt.

  3. 3

    The forms and supporting documents are submitted to the jurisdiction’s staging database for validation, acceptance or denial.

  4. 4

    Upon acceptance, the application data or forms can be automatically updated to the AssessPro database.

Online Filing System Features:

  • Applications and taxpayer portals are easily customized by customers for text and information within the website
  • Ability to expose multiple “Applications” such as Personal Property, New Business Registration or similar apps to taxpayers
  • Custom apps can be written more efficiently utilizing common security and site design elements
  • Common login framework across all applications

Built on a contemporary technology stack, AssessPro offers reliable tools for effective reporting to state governing bodies.

They’re aware of our needs and very responsive, their customer service stands out...

Bob Maurer
CAMA System Administrator, Oklahoma County, OK

Having GIS, sketches, pictures and historical data within each account is very helpful.

Michele Mastrangelo
City Assessor, Methuen, MA

Comprehensive and incredibly stable, AssessPro does everything we need it to.

DeAnn Brosman
Assessor, Appleton, WI