AssessPro 5.0

Created by Experts. Configured for You.

Providing reliable and efficient tools for effective reporting to state governing bodies, assessing professionals can use their preferred valuation method to meet statutory requirements.

Full Suite of Mass Appraisal Tools

Manage Real Estate and Personal Property in the same database with fully integrated graphical sketching and embedded GIS modules.

Real Estate

  • The core of AssessPro 5.0 integration
  • Seamless user experience for assessing staff
  • Full data transparency with your taxpayers
  • Achieve accurate and defensible assessments
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Personal Property

  • Same database as Real Estate to easily switch between
  • Link accounts to Real Estate files for complete parcel inventory
  • Disperse items between lessor/lessee for rentals and leases
  • Full reporting, filter and batch update capabilities
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  • Embedded in AssessPro for very tight integration
  • Provides mass CAMA data update functionality
  • Intersect any map layer with your parcel layer
  • Correct inconsistencies with clear visual representation
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  • Industry’s leading graphical sketching program
  • Integrates with AssessPro or 3rd party platforms
  • Unmatched labeling, flexibility and sketch capability
  • For both residential and commercial property types
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They’re aware of our needs and very responsive, their customer service stands out...

Bob Maurer
CAMA System Administrator, Oklahoma County, OK

Having GIS, sketches, pictures and historical data within each account is very helpful.

Michele Mastrangelo
City Assessor, Methuen, MA

Comprehensive and incredibly stable, AssessPro does everything we need it to.

DeAnn Brosman
Assessor, Appleton, WI