Patriot Goes Live in Milwaukee, WI

March 2019

City of Milwaukee Wisconsin goes live on AssessPro AP5 and completes a citywide revaluation!

Patriot is proud to announce the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is live on AP5! The project teams worked diligently to get the City live on our latest CAMA software. The City staff subsequently completed a successful citywide revaluation of all 160,000 residential, commercial and personal property accounts.

Key software enhancements and customized tools played an important role in the success of this project. Patriot developed a two way electronic interface to the State’s online sales reporting system (PAD) to streamline the transfer of arm’s length market sales data between the City and Wisconsin DOR. Sales were analyzed and values were set using a collection of powerful sales analysis tools and reports that are built into AP5. An interface to the City’s permitting system provided automated permit imports that are then routed to the proper appraiser.

Patriot and the City of Milwaukee collaborated to implement an enhanced Income Approach valuation method, which proved effective in the update of valuations of greater than 13,000 commercial and industrial properties. All taxpayer letters were designed so that they could be created using user defined queries in order to create targeted mass mailings. During the objection phase, the City made extensive use of our integrated comparable sales module as part of the hearing process.

The City of Milwaukee joins fellow Wisconsin AP5 customers; Eau Claire, Racine and Appleton.

All Wisconsin clients now have the capability to run all Wisconsin State reports such as the MAR and TAR in addition to a collection of other required reports.

Patriot Properties has been providing CAMA solutions since their founding in 1985. Patriot is still owned and managed by the original partners. AssessPro is a CAMA solution developed by Assessors for Assessors with over 30 years of consistent and logical development for adapting a CAMA solution that will meet the needs of all jurisdictions, regardless of size. Patriot prides itself on the personalized approach that has always been its brand – and looks forward to continuing its current partnerships for many years to come.

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